2-Way messaging allows businesses to open a powerful channel of communication with end customers. It is initiated when a message is sent from or received on a configured 2-Way number. The service also supports machine-to-machine messaging.


With Gbnsms, it is easy to get a mobile number for your business to run engaging SMS sweepstakes, broadcasts and loyalty programs. We provide short codes, virtual long numbers, and advanced tools for managing and monitoring inbound messages.

2-Way SMS messaging is done using short codes or virtual long numbers (also known as virtual mobile numbers). The main difference between the two is the length of the number; while virtual mobile numbers look like a standard phone number, short codes have between 3 and 6 digits, making them easier to remember.

Short codes can only be used on a national level and countries around the world have different regulations and requirements concerning them.

Gbnsms 2-Way SMS messaging coverage currently spans over 50 countries.