Enterprises of all sizes across all industries communicate with their customers on a daily basis through mobile messaging– authentication codes (One-Time-Passwords), notifications, reminders, promotional messages, and etc. About 80% of smartphone owners check their phones in every 15 minutes of the day – just one of the many factors that make mobile communication strategies very important. At GBN SMS , our global teams dedicate themselves to bringing your messages to life through tailored, cost-effective solutions that match your individual needs and build long-lasting relationships with your customers.


Maximize our mobile messaging platform through a suitable solution to engage with global customers instantly, securely and in a cost-effective manner. Send bulk SMS messages or create interactive 2way SMS solutions without the stress of complicated set-ups or hardware. Create messages that your customers want and we’ll make sure they are delivered on time, every time.

Our global experts are here to address your individual requirements and challenges, and deliver a robust solution that easily integrates with your existing applications to cost-effectively manage campaigns and evaluate results with real-time analytics.


TEXT MESSAGING:Messaging is the fastest and most reliable way to reach your customers. With a 98% read rate, all transactional and promotional messages are delivered directly to customers in a cost-effective manner.

Coverage & Instant Delivery to 850+ global telecom operators worldwide with multiple backup routes and redundancies. Multiple Connectivity & Interface options such as web interface, APIs, HTTP, SMPP, XML, and FTP, with features such as text-to-speech, Unicode, file upload, saved campaign or templates.


You can connect to GBNSMS mobile platform using your prefared interface(website, API,HTTP etc) and specify the message content and phone numbers. our system will automatically select the best route to deliver your sms instantly based on the destination country and preferences. The system delivers the message to targeted mobile number


  • Transaction alert
  • Account balances and statement
  • fraud prevention and alert etc.

    Create a unique experiences for your customers by personalising campaigns and enriching their service with voice sms applications. Gbnsms offers a secure, reliable voice sms solution with a diverse product line up, allowing enterprises to manage inbound & outbound calls. Choose the solution that suits your needs.


    Automatic Dialing with call scheduling. Omni Channel Support with features such as text-to-speech (TTS). Personalization helps each customer feel valued and treated well. DND Scrubber makes sure customers are not disturbed and helps you comply with local regulations. Intelligent Dialer enables dialing policies to call specific numbers daily, weekly or on a monthly basis.

    Ensure Maximum Coverage by reaching out to customers who may ignore text communication. Retain Customers through timely reminders, promotional announcements, and service level enhancements. Reduce Ambiguity by clearly conveying your message to the audience.

    Payment Security through voice OTPs helps assure customers.

    Customized and Modular Solutions backed by a highly capable team with 24×7 support


    The audio message to be broadcasted is crafted and uploaded as an audio file along with the list of numbers. The system automatically dials the list of numbers and plays the recorded audio. The system updates the status of calls in the database. System will redial unresponded calls at the scheduled time and within the defined time frame. View reports on the voice panel which gives status about total calls, successful calls, failed calls and no-response calls.