WhatsApp messaging

WhatsApp is a cross-platform mobile app that allow the exchange message across different kinds of mobile platforms (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia). WhatsApp is not the second in the traditional text message; a smart phone user can miss your text message but not your WhatsApp message, a fact that makes WhatsApp stand out of the crowd.
WhatsApp is an app on the next generation as it gives the marketers not only the ability to send media rich messages to the target audience, but it also has a subscriber base of 700 million user (and increasing) to which these marketing professional can reach out to via WhatsApp marketing.
Business owners has now realize the marketing potential that WhatsApp has for their business. Which is one of the reasons why WhatsApp marketing has become so big in no time.
Text based messaging has its limitations. Let’s imagine, you want to send a Product and service launched
or the images of your new product launched to your clients. Using text messaging, it’s impossible as it doesn’t support pictures. This isn’t the case with WhatsApp. It allows you send messages to the clients in the form of:
• Text
• Images
• Videos
• vCards
• Product and service launches
• Announcing offer and deals
• Stock / Quote updates
• Upcoming event publicity
• Greetings on special occasions. And much more
WhatsApp can be used globally and available on every mobile platform

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